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Then, in a second moment, on November 26th, the enrolled participated in playful and creative workshops given by local artists. They worked the relationship with nature through poetry, music and art, in order to sensitize and train teachers and other professionals about the thematic.

 The exhibition of the giant map of the city of Natal also developed a workshop about free spaces in the city, with professors from the Department of Architecture (UFRN) and an experience related to affective memories in relation to  trees in the city - this activity was opened to the public during a two-day event. The exhibition "Sounds and senses of nature", in partnership with the Laboratory of Bioacoustics of UFRN and Elementaris, offered to the public of the Park the opportunity to have a sensorial contact with soundscapes, aromas and textures of natural environments.

On November 27th, discussions about child and nature and book launches were held. For that discussion, professors of the Departments of Architecture and Psychology of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, were invited as well as collectives from the city of Natal who have been conducting practical experiences. Also speakers from other states in the Northeast, such as Ceará and Alagoas were present.

    The Casadágua Institute and the Alana Institute, in partnership with IDEMA and with the support of the Department of Architecture - UFRN, promoted the Northeast Child and Nature Encounter bringing reflections on the benefits that the contact with nature offers for the integral development of the child.

  It was approached by different perspectives: education, psychology, law, cities and the environment. The event was composed of three complementary moments. It started with a training for public school teachers and other interested parties. Two classes with up to 80 participants were attended on November 09th and 10th in 2016, at the Tocandira Auditorium, in the Parque das Dunas, in Natal. It was a 03-hour workshop, given by Laís Fleury, coordinator of the Child and Nature Project at Alana Institute (RJ).

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